Father’s Rights

The traditional stereotype that fathers are the breadwinner in the family with the mother serving as the main caretaker has dramatically shifted. In the past, there was no question that fathers faced an uphill battle throughout the divorce process. There existed an assumption that awarding custody to the mother was always in the best interest of the child. Luckily, this outdated way of thinking is not the norm anymore and has moved it’s way through Texas courts and I have been very successful in having custody awarded to fathers.

Just because you and your spouse no longer want to share a life together doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your relationship with your children. The relationship between a father and child is just as important as that between a mother and child.

Child custody issues can be very emotional and complex for everyone involved. If you’re like most parents, the main goal is to provide a secure and loving environment for your children. Often times, both parents are fighting for custody for their children. If your spouse refuses to budge on custody decisions, we will aggressively represent you in all aspects and pursue the best outcome possible to give you continued access to your children post-divorce.

False Accusations

It is not uncommon for a mother to allege that her husband was abusive or neglected a child in attempt to sway the court into believing that the father is unfit to care for their child. I have experience with cases involving false accusations of abuse, alcohol or drug dependency, and many more.

Paternity Actions

Another issue fathers are commonly faced with is their wife claiming that they are not a child’s biological parent. This can prevent a father from being involved in the day to day decision-making for a child’s medical and educational needs, and could prohibit custody rights. I have helped many fathers prove their biological relationship with their children through paternity actions and DNA testing.