Please Stop Saying You’re So Sorry

People never know what to say when they hear someone is getting divorced. Most immediately say “I’m so sorry!” Sorry for what? Sorry that I’m finally moving out of an awful relationship? Sorry that I can be excited about my future and the possibility of falling in love again? Sorry? Don’t be! Congratulations are more appropriate.

Carly Israel has an amazing article on Huffington Post discussing this very topic.  In her opinion, “The best reaction I have heard when others hear of my divorce is, “Congratulations!” Congrats that you are courageous enough to take the journey towards authenticity. Congratulations that you are getting the opportunity to grow as a human and that you get to face the incredible challenges of single parenting and finding your center.”

Divorce is probably one of the hardest things that you will ever go through. Unfortunately, it can be even harder and more emotionally charged if there are children involved. It is vital to put their interests first and try to practice positive co-parenting during this time. This is time when focusing on “congratulations” and your positive future (instead of “I’m so sorry” and being filled with anger and resentment) is so important.

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