Child Custody

As a Parent, I Place The Interests Of Your Children Above Everything Else.

Life changes when you become a parent. If you are like most parents, providing a stable and loving environment for your children is your number one priority. But sometimes things don’t go as planned. If you are facing a child custody issue, you need a skilled and aggressive attorney to protect you and your child’s future.

I understand your concerns and will work diligently to help you achieve the best custody and visitation arrangement.

Courts in Texas always decide custody and visitation matters in ways that are in the “best interest” of the children. For this reason, it is important that your case is presented to the court in a compelling, professional and effective manner. Having an experienced family law attorney on your side can make a difference in the result you obtain.

Results-Oriented Representation For Issues Involving Children

I believe that negotiated solutions provide significant benefits to both children and parents, I also undertake and defend litigation involving these issues. I also have extensive experience in cases involving contentious child custody disputes that can exact significant emotional and financial toll on both parents. I am prepared to lay out your legal options and provide our opinion regarding the likely outcome of your case.

There are different types of custody, which is called conservatorship in Texas. Courts will determine rights and responsibilities for each parent, including:
• The residence of the child
• Support payments (if applicable)
• Educational decisions
• Medical decisions

Usually, one parent has primary possession while the other has a standard possession order. However, Texas laws surrounding this have changed and society has evolved. It is now possible to have a possession order in which neither parent’s residence is designated as the primary one. Instead, a geographic restriction is set to prevent moving the child’s residence outside a defined area. This, however, is something that needs to be set up on an individual basis.

Enforcement Of Custody And Visitation Orders

If a parent who is subject to a custody/conservatorship order fails to comply with that order, the other parent can go to court to enforce it. This includes custody orders issued by courts in other states which cover parents who now live in Texas. I aggressively represent parents in these cases. If a parent is preparing to relocate with a child without the approval of the court, I can seek to obtain an emergency order to prevent the relocation until the court has time to adjudicate the matter.

I understand the special place your children have in your life. When I represent you, I will work to build a strong case designed to achieve your goals and help you deepen your relationship with your children.