Complex and High-Asset Property Division

High-asset divorces add many layers of complexity and nuance to the already challenging aspects of traditional divorces. Executives, business owners and other affluent or otherwise highly compensated professionals have assets that need to be traced, valued and then divided in a careful way. Failure to do so can result in financial catastrophe.

Whether you have built up a business or a career or you have inherited significant family wealth, you have the right to safeguard what is rightfully yours. Texas is community property state, which means that you and your spouse may have the right to claim a share of each other’s assets. This can create unique problems for high net worth individuals in the process of negotiating a fair marital property settlement. The legal process of discovery may be necessary to compel your spouse to reveal hidden assets, such as:
•401(k) and other retirement accounts
•Liquid assets
•Vehicles, homes, vacation properties
• Inheritances
•Business ownership stakes

If you are facing a divorce and have substantial assets at stake, it is important that you have advanced representation to help you identify which assets can be considered marital property, accurately value those assets, and ensure that your property rights are protected. I can help you do precisely that.