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My Divorce is Final – What Do I Do Now?

Divorce can be a long process. If the case is heavily litigated, it can take more than a year. I have even seen some cases take four or five years.  In my experience, a lot of clients going through a divorce get so caught up in the process and getting the settlement or trial outcome […]

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Preparing for Divorce

“Help me to help you by getting me as much information as you can. Get all of your financial records together as soon as possible. Most importantly, tell me everything – good or bad. I can’t protect you if I don’t have the facts.” That is a quote I gave to Modern Luxury Magazine’s Insight […]

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Change Your Beneficiaries After Divorce

When a divorce is complete, many people do not change the beneficiaries on their life insurance policies or their retirement benefits. Some people just assume that their ex-spouse cannot inherit their property, and others do not think about it at all. After all, Sections 9.301 and 9.302 of the Texas Family Code deal with this […]

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