Child Support in High Net Worth Families

fThe two most important things in your life are your family and your finances. During challenges like a separation, divorce, or child custody decision, it is especially important for high net worth families to have a lawyer who can aggressively represent you and protect both those you love and your future.

In many cases, the children of high net worth couples live a different kind of life than other kids. When a high net worth couple divorces, the presumptive child support levels dictated by state guidelines may not be sufficient to cover the expenses associated with the child’s lifestyle. In cases like these, it is possible for the custodial parent’s attorney to seek child support in excess of the statutory maximums. These are complex cases that require the attention of an experienced child support lawyer who knows how to obtain the support your child needs.

I have extensive experience in all areas of high net worth family law. I have represented parents on both sides of complex child support issues. Whether you are a custodial parent seeking child support outside of the statutory guidelines or a parent who is trying to avoid paying more than is appropriate, I will present the strongest possible argument to support your position.

I will closely examine the actual costs associated with raising your child and work with you to develop a fair plan for providing financial support to your child. My substantial background in these matters has given me a great deal of insight into the most effective strategies for securing a positive outcome on your behalf.