Adulting Applies to Divorces, Too

photo-angry manThe Huffington Post has an amusing and informative post discussing the finer points of “Adulting” during your divorce. In other words, act like the grown-up that you are during your divorce, even though your soon-to-be ex may not. It will make your divorce go more smoothly, and will be better for your mental health. The author, Christina Pesoli,  states that “Getting a divorce requires a lot of adulting. (And yes, “adulting” is now a verb.) the timing on that couldn’t be worse, because when you’re getting a divorce, adulting is extremely challenging.”

Pesoli gives helpful advice for adjusting during your divorce, like not making the same mistake twice.

“Make new mistakes. When your lawyer takes your case, she’s agreeing to take you where she finds you — previously committed immature mistakes and all. Whether you’re the one who had the affair, or you’re the one who keyed his car when you found it parked at the No-tell Motel, whatever transgressions you confessed during your initial consultation come with the territory.

But you don’t get unlimited forgiveness. If you later key your ex’s new girlfriend’s car after spotting it in his driveway over the weekend, don’t expect the same level of acceptance from your lawyer. Unless you’re a tweenager, you should know that insincere apologies are more of an insult than anything else. An apology doesn’t count if everyone knows you’re just going to do the same thing again, anyway.”

To read the author’s guidelines for adulting during your divorce continue reading here: (HuffPostDivorce)

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